Master the Craft

Righteous Slice is hiring! Learn the ways of authentic Neapolitan pizza making, a skill that takes time, persistence, attention to detail, and true passion to master. This is more than a job. It's a way to immerse yourself in a culture that demands excellence, is fast-paced and fun. Recently rated #1 of 129 restaurants in Rexburg by Restaurant Guru, a top 10% worldwide destination by Trip Advisor, and 4.7 stars with more than 1,100 reviews on Google. We're looking for people who make everyone around them feel great and who are super into making amazing food.

We're not a "normal" company, so we don't do the normal boring application process. To begin our first round of interview screening, all you need to do is complete the following information for consideration. For the video you make, put together anything you think would help us get to know you better. You can tell us why you'd be a great choice to hire, what makes you YOU, and how to get a hold of you for the next steps of the interview process. *Only with a video submission will you be considered for a position with us.