Our "Why"

We’re pizza extremists. We do things the hard way, because that’s the only way to make a great pizza. We make dough using artisan techniques, long fermentation, and natural ingredients. It takes practice, patience, skill and a little bit of insanity to master the craft of pizza making. A few seconds can mean the difference between pizza ecstasy and disaster, and that's exactly where we like to play.

Why Righteous Slice? When we first opened, our guests were often confused because we didn't sell pizza by the slice. (We do now.) We wanted a name that conveyed how different we are from typical American pizza. "Righteous!" is what you say when you are blown away by how good something is. It sets the expectation that you are about you enjoy the best pizza of you life. And it reminds us why we keep working hard to get better every day.

But why "Righteous Slice" and not "Righteous Pizza"? We believe that our pizza is too good to be included with what most Americans have come to expect from national pizza chains. Our Neapolitan pizza is hand stretched and cooked at 900 degrees in our wood-fired, handmade Italian brick oven. It comes out slightly blistered and charred, with a light, airy crust that will blow your mind.